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Print Marketing: 3 Reasons to Keep It

Print Marketing: 3 Reasons to Keep It


Ten years ago, an interesting thing happened.  The economy was hit with one of the worst recessions ever.  As consumers spent less, businesses looked for ways to cut costs.  That’s when they turned to digital and reduced their print marketing.

In 2009, email was free or cost very little.  Social Media and blogging were also free.  Companies adopted these practices to save on the costs of printing newsletters, brochures and direct mail pieces.

After a decade, marketing via digital now costs money. In some cases, it is more expensive than the printing costs they were trying to avoid.  Additionally, ignoring print marketing for years has resulted in some companies losing long-time customers.

Now, many of these businesses are returning to print.  Below are three reasons why you need to keep it in your marketing plan.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Any financial advisor with experience will tell you that you need to diversify your portfolio.  That way if one sector takes a dive, you still have money invested elsewhere that will continue to work for you.

You can apply that idea of diversification to your marketing.  Rather than depend on one form to reach your target market, you need to promote your products or services across multiple channels.  That will result in members of your target market having multiple ways to see your messaging.

Digital is Not A Substitute for Print Marketing

Digital marketing should be part of your marketing mix.  But it should not replace print. Print has a natural ability to make an impression and you don’t want to ignore that power. 

For example, people are tactile creatures. We like to hold and touch things. It relays additional information to the brain to complement our sight and hearing. 

So when a printed mail piece is delivered, we hold it in our hands and read it.  If it’s something that has interest to us, we’ll lay it on the counter or table for others to see.  So that printed card or brochure has staying power. Multiple people have the chance to see it and it’s easily accessible later. 

Compare that to an email.  While it is cheap and easy to create, it is also very easy for the receiver to simply delete it.  In fact, more people delete the emails they receive than actually read them.  Emails have little or no staying power.

The last thing to consider is this: While some people might prefer email over print, there are equal numbers that prefer print over email.  When those people don’t receive your printed newsletter or mailing, they will simply forget about your company.  

Direct Mail

Despite the fact that some people refer to it as junk mail, direct mail still works…when it is done right.  To overcome that stigma, there are a few things you can do. 

Make sure your logo is positioned prominently and the piece has a strong design.  You’ll also want to be sure to use a quality card stock.  Don’t scrimp here.  The feel it has in someone’s hands matters as much as the look.

Binding It Up

Many businesses are realizing that digital alone is not cutting it. They are returning to print marketing while also maintaining a digital presence.  You need to keep a mix between digital and quality print marketing.

We can help you do that. If you have questions about your next print project, call Minuteman Press at 513-474-9500.